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5 STAR Review of May 8 Comprehensive Photobiomodulation Training Presented by GMA Laser Education

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Our most recent Comprehensive Training in Photobiomodulation was a virtual presentation on May 8. We were honored to receive the following recommendation and invitation to speak at the San Gabriel Valley Dental Society in Los Angeles County.

To register for the next virtual training on November 6, 2021 visit www.GMALaserEducation.com/training This is a live interactive training that fulfills the practical requirements for Standard Level Certification through the Academy of Laser Dentistry. For assistance email: info@gmalasereducation.com


Dear Dr. Burchman,

I was one of the attendees of the May 8th GMA Laser PBM course and wanted to thank you for such a great course. I have been to a lot of courses in my career, and I have to say that was one of the most practical and applicable, action packed sessions I've ever attended. I've purchased a couple of PBM units, have received the first one in the mail and started using it this week in my endo practice.

I am currently the co-chair of the program committee for my local dental society, the San Gabriel Valley Dental Society in Los Angeles County and I think a PBM lecture would be a huge benefit to our members. We are in the process of putting together our 2022 CE lineup and I wanted to reach out to you to see if you would consider lecturing to the society at our September meeting. The lectures are given via Zoom.

Thank you again for the great lecture!


Paula G. Elmi, DMD, DABE

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