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Dr. Grace Sun: Founder, Oral IQ Sponsor Presenter: Upcoming Photobiomodulation Training February 13

Not to be missed! Dr. Grace Sun, Founder of Oral IQ is presenting her photobiomodulation devices at the upcoming Photobiomodulation Symposium, February 13, 2012. Learn More and Register Here: https://www.dentalceacademy.com/virtual-symposium

This full day comprehensive training in Photobiomodulation for the Dental Community is presented by GMA Laser Education in partnership with the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Attend live or view the recorded On Demand following the event.

Learn more and register here: www.GMALaserEducation.com/training Dr. Sun will present “PBMT at Home with PBM Light”. This presentation will introduce attendees to PBM Light, two new PBMT units designed to extend your care patient care from the office to the home and beyond. PBM Light delivers 630, 660 and 850nm wavelengths whereas PBM Light + delivers 660, 850 and 940nm wavelengths. She will also explore valuable dispensing and affiliate program business models plus insurance billing. To learn more about these PBM devices visit: https://www.theoq.shop/collections/all​

Dr. Grace Sun, DDS, FAACD, MAGD, MALD, MICOI is a highly regarded and accredited cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles who holds Mastership with the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) as well as with the General and Implant Dentistry Academies; Accredited Fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and is a senior instructor with International Association for Orthodontists (IAO). An early adaptor of laser dentistry, Dr. Sun has published several peer-reviewed articles since 2000 and has held various committee and board positions with both the ALD and AACD in recent decades. Dr. Sun is founder of Oral IQ LLC, created to promote oral healthcare at home, serving her patients, her community and beyond.

The Photobiomodulation Symposium is a full day comprehensive training presented by www.GMALaserEducation.com/training in partnership with the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Dental clinicians can obtain 8 CEU, and attend the live virtual webinar in real time, or via Recorded On Demand Webinar. This course fulfills the practical requirement for Standard Level Certification. For more information and to register visit www.GMALaserEducation.com/training The Photobiomodulation Symposium, Feb. 13 is Day 2 of the 3 day Dental CE Symposium, Feb. 12 -14. Hosted by www.DentalCEAcademy.com Learn more and register here: https://www.dentalceacademy.com/virtual-symposium​


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