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GMA Laser Education Launches -Photobiomodulation in Dentistry: Continuing Education Program

In a recent survey of 400 dental clinicians, 87% stated they had zero to little knowledge of Photobiomodulation. The benefits of Photobiomodulation in Dentistry are numerous including:

  • Lessens pain and therefore decreases the use of pain medications and Opioids.

  • Can be used to treat facial pain

  • Can be used to treat TMJ/TMD and neuralgias

  • Provide PBM Induced Analgesia decreasing the amount of injection anesthesia neededd

  • Promotes faster healing, improved wound healing with less complications making life easier for you and your patient

  • Requires less antibiotics, helping you comply with the new FDA Antibiotic Guidelines

  • Improve satisfaction or your orthodontic patients - move teeth faster with less pain

  • Dental Hygienists will learn how to incorporate PBM into their daily patient protocols

  • Treat and prevent oral mucositis, and reduce the many side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in your cancer patients.


Why haven't you used Photobiomodulation in your Dental Practice?

Here is what Dr. Elysia Jagdeo, DDS; The Traveling Tooth Surgeon, had to say about recent training with Dr. Gerry Ross, Co-founder, GMA Laser Education:

"I wanted to thank you for your time and guidance. I have been using photobiomodulation for my surgical patients all week fron simple exo to quite invasive 3rd molar removals and all of them have noted to me that they've experienced zero pain after surgery. Some are using no analgesics at all and some are only using minimal amounts of Advil/Tylenol. This is very remarkable and I'm excited to learn more."


GMA Laser Education launches second series of biweekly continuing education webinars to implement Photobiomodulation in Dentistry. Register for the next live Dental CE Webinar at no charge on March 31, 5 - 6 p.m. PDT HERE: https://www.dentalceacademy.com/ask-the-experts

Registrants will receive access to the recorded On Demand webinars.

Each presenter will discuss various applications in photobiomodulation therapy that can be integrated in the dental practice including management of dry sockets, pain management and the reduction of opioid prescriptions, improve healing of surgical sites, improve endodontic outcomes, orthodontic applications and more.

1 CEU | AGD PACE | No charge | Live and Recorded


Learn more and register for the upcoming live Photobiomodulation Symposium on May 8, 2021



Hosted by Dental CE Academy. Live and Online Dental CE Webinars. Evidence based presentations free of commercial influence. Learn more and register here: www.DentalCEAcademy.com

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