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My Ah-Ha Photobiomodulation Moment! Crown insertions with Laser Analgesia.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

We at GMA Laser Education get asked many times, "why do you love PBM so much, or what made you such a believer in this technology?" So I want to share my Ah-Ha moment with you.

Amazingly it occurred on the first patient I used it on. I had received my unit at a Thursday night course and read the manual several times on the weekend.

My first patient on Monday morning was for the insertion of crowns on teeth #8&9. I explained to him that I had this new laser and if it worked as it was supposed to we could insert these crowns without Novocain. That this unit would create "Laser Analgesia." If you want to try it great, if it starts to hurt while I am working just let me know and I will immediately stop and get you numb. Also, if you don't want to try it no problem I will get you numb right now.

Now, I don't care how great your injection technique is, or what new device you use to decrease injection pain we all know how painful injections under the bridge of the nose are and the patient will still be numb for hours after their visit.

The patient elected to try it and it worked flawlessly. About half way through the procedure I stopped and asked him to tell me how it felt and what he described was like he was reading the manual to me. I have used this for my crown insertions since then and it is effective in 95% of my cases.

The advantages of implementing Photobiomodulation Laser Anesthesia in your Dental Practice:

  1. A more accurate occlusion during insertion because the patient isn't numb

  2. Less post insertion patient visits to adjust their occlusion when the anesthesia wore off.

  3. Patients hate getting injections and hate how the numb feeling lasts for hours.

  4. You also don't have to worry about patients biting themselves while they are numb. This is especially true for pediatric patients.

  5. This makes Laser Analgesia one of the biggest practice builders there is.

This will be the main topic

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