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PBM and Oral Mucositis: Keeping the momentum moving forward

I Just received this email from the chief medical examiner of the PanCAN Society. I had given them a webinar on using PBM to treat and prevent Oral Mucositis 2 weeks ago.

Dear Mel,

Thank you again for our recent discussion and for your determination to help patients with this novel therapeutic approach. Lynn and I had a chance to discuss your presentation and suggest the following:

We are intrigued by your results of the use of PBM in patients with oral mucositis (OM), and these results are also supported by a clear mechanism of action and published literature. See also below the summary provided by the “up to date “database on oral toxicity associated with chemotherapy (Authors: Robert S Negrin, MD and Joseph A Toljanic, DDS, updated on February 2021).

We are interested in assessing what are the current barriers of use: lack of comparison with Palifermin (kepivance)?; misinformation about cost of this treatment?; data generated in extremely variable clinical settings, limiting data integration etc? As a first step, we recommend a discussion with you and some of our advisors-experts on supportive care for pancreatic cancer (PC) to get their perspective on OM only for now, and specifically what would be needed to get PBM recommended and used for the treatment of established OM and for the management of chemotherapy-related OM.

I can't wait to follow up with them. I'll keep you all posted

The photo below is from my "Tele Dentist" call to help a 3 year with brain cancer and oral Mucositis. This is totally non-invasive and painless.

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