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What We Love To Hear Our Attendees Say About Our Photobiomodulation Trainings!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Our last "Ask the Experts" program, was held on Tuesday October 12th. The "Hot Topic" for the night was using PBM to treat Facial Pain. It started at 8:00PM eastern time. The reason

that I am bringing this time to your attention is because of the following which was posted in the chat area by one of our attendees. "Hello, my name is Salaam and I am from Saudi Arabia. I am bringing this to your attention so you will know what time of night this is for me. (there is a 7 hour difference and it was 3:00AM his time when we started). I attended one of your 8 Hour Comprehensive trainings and loved it and have joined several of your Ask the Experts. I always learn something new from your presentations. Thank you GMA for your teachings. You are the best."

This is what GMALaserEducation is all about, sharing our laser knowledge and experiences with other healthcare professionals. We love laser dentistry and the 3 of us have been teaching it all over the world. So please join us at our next "Ask the Experts." The "Hot Topic" will be Laser Analgesia. In my opinion this is one of the greatest practice builders that there is. We all know how much patients hate the dreaded Novocain needle. So

I hope that you register for our next 8 Hour Comprehensive Training in Photobiomodulation on Saturday November 6th. You can register right here on our web site. There will be over 6 1/2 hours of actual chair

side techniques demonstrated that the 3 of us have been safely delivering for over 75 combined years to our patients.

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